Are Teeth in a Day Really Possible?

June 11, 2021

Teeth in a day, or same-day dentures, are something that’s heard more and more frequently in the dental marketplace. Is it really possible to have new teeth in just one day? Here at. Sullivan’s office is a very real possibility for many patients. Dr. Sullivan along with Dr. Brent Boyse, a well respected east valley oral surgeon, has successfully created a synergistic team that has allowed them to offer their patients the latest advances in implant dentistry. One of the procedures that they have perfected is treating full arch implant cases in one day. More commonly known as implant-retained dentures. Known as a “Diem”, derived from the Latin root for Day, the name signifies that the procedure can be completed and teeth placed in one day.

How does that happen? After your initial appointment, to determine that you are an implant candidate and that diagnostic records are completed, your surgery date is scheduled. At the surgery, any remaining teeth are extracted, the implants are placed and the new teeth are placed immediately. You leave the office with beautiful new teeth that you can actually use right away! Traditionally there would be a healing time during which dentures would be resting on newly surgeries gum tissue, making it quite uncomfortable for a few months. With this procedure and specially fabricated dentures, the “Diem”, you can use your new teeth right away with very minimal pain or discomfort.

Dr. Sullivan’s Gilbert office we have seen how this procedure has changed the lives of our patients. They have come to us with dentures that were uncomfortable and didn’t fit right, or with several missing and/or un-restorable teeth, making it impossible to eat the food they love and to have a normal life. Their entire life was impacted by their dental condition. Patients came to us frustrated and unhappy, looking for answers and help. We are excited to tell them that there is a way for them to have the smile they deserve and confidence in that smile, with the Diem procedure.

Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Boyse have made this procedure a part of their everyday practice. Having successfully treated hundreds of cases they now teach this procedure to doctors from around the world. You can be assured that you are in good hands with Dr. Sullivan. For more information on this procedure, or to schedule your consultation, call our office today at 602-492-9003.