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Gum disease treatment in Gilbert & Mesa, AZ.

When you think of dental concerns and treatments, you may think only of the teeth. However, the gums hold and nourish the teeth. They’re actually vital to your entire dental and oral system. And that’s why gum disease treatment may be vital to your overall health.

What is periodontal disease?

When gums become infected with bacteria, it can lead to serious problems. If an infection is not treated, bacteria can begin to circulate throughout the body, which can aggravate other bodily systems, in some cases leading to:

  • Arthritis
  • Dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Tissue inflammation
  • Birth complications

Plus, gum disease can threaten your teeth. All these factors mean that periodontal disease treatment is extremely important both to your dental health and overall physical health.

Benefits of gum disease treatment.

Healthy gums can contribute to a healthy life. And it can protect your teeth from getting infected and decayed, which can lead to certain teeth being extracted. Plus, your gums will look great, instead of being red or inflamed. What’s more, it can even give you better breath!

You’ll especially enjoy coming to Artistry in Dentistry for gum disease treatment. We have a reputation in Gilbert, AZ, for being very kind to our patients. We’ll keep you as comfortable as possible. We even supply neck rolls, paraffin hand treatments, noise-cancelling headphones, and much. We like to pamper our patients to make sure you are fully satisfied.

"When I first went to their office I had gum disease and other problems from years of neglect. They went right to work, cleared it up and have provided excellent dental care to completely turn that situation around. Today, I have all my teeth and they are in good condition."
– Ronald

How do we clean up gum disease?

We use remarkable technology to ensure that your gums are free of disease. We can reshape them as needed during receding gums treatments, which is needed when receding gums start to expose the roots of teeth, leaving your teeth more vulnerable to infection and other problems.

Laser Dentistry for Gum Disease Treatment

For some cases, we use a soft tissue laser for gum disease treatment. Dental lasers can painlessly reshape gums, destroy bacterial infections, and stimulate new gum tissue to grow. They are part of a periodontal disease treatment plan that will protect your teeth and gums for the long-term.

Periodontal disease prevention with AlloDerm.

We also use the AlloDerm system for high-tech gum grafts, which protect your tooth roots when a large amount of gum tissue has been lost. In the past, dentists’ only option was to remove gum tissue from one area of the mouth and graft it onto the exposed section.

But now, AlloDerm is available. It is a safe gum replacement tissue matrix that contains DNA that stimulates your own gums to grow more quickly. This eliminates the need for additional surgery to remove gum tissue from healthy areas of your gums. We can focus just on the gum graft, which will help you heal and recover more quickly after the procedure.

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If you’re in or near Gilbert, AZ, contact Artistry in Dentistry to get healthier gums. Whether you have inflamed gums or just haven’t had a regular checkup in some time, contact our friendly team. We can give you a comfortable, thorough exam to ensure that your gums and teeth are protected. If any treatment is needed, we’ll complete it promptly. Call today!