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"I was born and raised in Russia and I belong to a generation of the Russian kids who didn't know what braces were and also yearly dental cleanings were not part of the local culture. So, as I recall on my early memories from behind the Iron Curtain, one image really stands out – that's an image of American people as a nation of smiling folks with gleaming beautiful glorious white teeth."
– Natalia
"This is the time I look forward to actually getting my teeth cleaned because when I walk out of here I feel really good. I love having the relaxing treatment with the paraffin wax and the neck roll. I just feel very comfortable while I'm here and of course to get a cookie at the end which is always fun!"
– Courtney
"This dental I would say is the most unique and the best one I've ever been to. It is warm, it's friendly, you walk in and you feel like you're visiting friends; you know everyone, they know you. It's welcoming. It's really just an awesome place to be."
– Michelle