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I noticed in some of my videos my teeth were getting dark and they were getting old and I decided to take them up to the next level. Now understand, I could choose from hundreds of dentists, literally from around the country, to fix my teeth, but I chose Dr Sheldon Sullivan. Here's why, I know Sheldon. I've seen his work. I've met his patients. I've talked to his patients. I've watched him work. His work is beautiful and his team is terrific and while I was in his chair, I had this incredible sense of safety and comfort. I would say to you that if you or someone you know has concerns about your teeth, check out Dr Sheldon Sullivan. He'll treat you just as well as he treated me.

– Dr. Paul Homoly
"I was born and raised in Russia and I belong to a generation of the Russian kids who didn't know what braces were and also yearly dental cleanings were not part of the local culture. So, as I recall on my early memories from behind the Iron Curtain, one image really stands out – that's an image of American people as a nation of smiling folks with gleaming beautiful glorious white teeth."
– Natalia
"This is the time I look forward to actually getting my teeth cleaned because when I walk out of here I feel really good. I love having the relaxing treatment with the paraffin wax and the neck roll. I just feel very comfortable while I'm here and of course to get a cookie at the end which is always fun!"
– Courtney
"This dental I would say is the most unique and the best one I've ever been to. It is warm, it's friendly, you walk in and you feel like you're visiting friends; you know everyone, they know you. It's welcoming. It's really just an awesome place to be."
– Michelle