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Are you curious about Artistry in Dentistry? To learn more about the quality of our cosmetic and general dental care in Gilbert, Arizona, we invite you to read reviews provided by our current patients. Dr. Sullivan and our team take the time to get to know each patient personally, and we love it when patients talk about our dentist and customer service. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and meet us in person!

“You and your “team of beauties” have made my oral hygiene care a pleasant and rewarding experience. You are an unbelievable dentist, who in my opinion, is truly an artist, who completely transformed my mouth into a work of art. I came to you with ugly George Washington teeth and completed my journey with pretty Julia Roberts teeth and smile! I’m relearning how to smile again and enjoy the experience. I also want you to know how important it is to me to have found a sole practitioner who took the time to listen to my personal situation, and with compassion and diligence created a whole new look and feeling of joy for me. Thank you!”
– Annette
“Thank you for continuing your education in dentistry. It is people like you who make other people happy with their smile.”
– Kathy R.
“You have done a fantastic job in reconstructing my teeth. I have received so many compliments from friends and family. My self-confidence has been restored and it feels great to smile again without reservations with my new smile.”
– Dawn O.
“I feel like wearing lipstick to attract attention to my teeth (something I used to avoid). I have received many compliments and I am always proud to say, “My dentist, Dr. Sullivan, made them!” I am so thrilled with my new white smile.”
– Carol S.
“As a result of my new bite plate, I went from having debilitating migraines 5 of 7 days per week to not one in almost the last 6 months. My standard of living and that of my entire family has forever been changed. I can not thank you enough. It has absolutely changed my life. Thank you for everything!!!”
– Kim
“I want to commend you and your staff for a level of care that seems to be head and shoulders above most other practices. Everyone is not only efficient, but shows a true concern for patients new or returning. They are caring, efficient, and professional – a winning combination.”
– Mary Anne J.
“I had a great experience with Dr. Sullivan and staff. The visit was all Paul Harvey said it would be.”
– Judy H.
“We appreciate you caring enough to take the time to do a wonderful job”
– The A. Family
“You all were so great with my son, who was anxious about his upcoming experience with dentistry. You treated him so special and made it fun.”
– Garry L.
“We want to let you know how grateful we are to be your patients. Everyone in your office is so kind and professional; it makes it a pleasure when we come for our appointments. Thank you for all the kindness and consideration you and your staff have shown to us and for the excellence of all work that is performed.”
– Bill and Karen B.
“Gilbert, AZ dentist offers spa-like experience. Imagine going to the dentist and receiving a hot had wax or foot massage as the aroma of scented candles and freshly baked cookies fill the air. Pampering and happy, healthy smiles are what you can expect at Dr. Sullivan’s.”
– Gilbert Independant Paper
“The many results from my full mouth reconstruction will have lasting effects. I can meet someone for the first time and they notice my teeth and comment on them. It has definitely been a boost to my self-esteem. I have a very positive result thanks to you and your staff.”
– Mickey P.
“My experience here has been great. The staff is welcoming and very competent. I have no tolerance for pain and all care was taken to make sure I was comfortable and pain free before treatment was started. This has been the best dental experience for me in years.”
– Stephanie R.
“I knew within minutes of meeting Sheldon Sullivan that he was the dentist that I was going to entrust my total mouth reconstruction to. Dr. Sullivan is passionate about his work, professional in his ability and an absolute perfectionist. I spent literally days with him and his wonderful staff. Even though I endured considerable hours in a dental chair, traveling from the State of Washington to have my work done, I would do it again tomorrow with Sheldon Sullivan and his staff if given the opportunity.”
– Thomas E.
“This was my first visit at Dr. Sullivan’s office and everyone made sure that I was comfortable, explained everything they did and why. I can highly recommend this Dentist to everyone. Since we all need to go and have our teeth checked, might as well go to a Dentist that really cares about you and you being comfortable. I mean to get a hand wax treatment, a warm neck wrap and essential oils before your treatment is pretty much unheard of. By the time Ruth cleaned my teeth I was so relaxed, it was wonderful! The only thing missing was a foot massage!!! I certainly told everyone at work how I was treated and no one had ever heard of anything like this before!!”
– Ursula
“First bad tooth, first root canal. Initially a bit intimidating, but was soon put at ease by Dr. Sullivan and his very efficient team. He lived up to his promise, as the procedure was all but painless. Not only “finally to the dentist”, but finally, a team I’ll return to. Thank You.”
– James
“What an awesome experience at the dental office. Your staff was sensitive to my needs and the equipment was high tech.”
– Jennifer M.
“Thank you so much for being so patient with me and my “fear” of the dentist. You and your staff have been exceptionally kind and understanding.”
– Judy P.
“I have been going to Dr. Sullivan for a number of years. He is one of the most competent, professional, and compassionate dentist I have had experience with. He and his staff is over the top customer centric. I always feel like a valued individual and that they have my best interest in the forefront of all decisions regarding my dental care. In regards to pricing….you get what you pay for and I am not willing to settle when it comes to my health. I did settle for less and I came back for the safety and security of a dentist I can put my total trust in. Thank you for the opportunity to tell others how great you truly are.”
– L. Williams