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Sparkling Teeth Whitening Therapy by Artistry In Dentistry

Everyone wants a brighter smile, but how do you know which teeth whitening method is right for you? The best way to begin a safe and successful whitening treatment is scheduling a consultation with a dentist you trust.

Dr. Sheldon Sullivan can answer all of your questions about the differences between whitening options. From over-the-counter kits to professional whitening both in-office and at-home, he will help you learn more about your options.

Professional teeth whitening is often more comfortable than drugstore whitening options, and it also ensures far better results. Here at Artistry in Dentistry in Gilbert, AZ, we’re proud to offer ZOOM!® Teeth Whitening, Opalescence, and Opalescence™ Boost™.

Benefits of teeth whitening.

If you’ve struggled for years with disappointment over off-white teeth (or even yellow or brown teeth), we’re excited to see the results you can get with professional teeth whitening. Teeth bleaching can give some patients a large new boost of confidence.

If you’re getting ready for a job interview, moving to a new town, going on dates, preparing for a wedding, or looking forward to another occasion, having whiter teeth can be a relief. It can even be a source of delicious anticipation. How will people react? Imagine the compliments you’ll get—and how often you’ll smile at yourself in the mirror!

"I have been a patient of Dr. Sullivan for many years now. His staff and quality of services are the very finest! I have a beautiful white smile that I am confident in sharing with others on the daily!"

– Carrie

Professional whitening is:


The whitening formula will not leak onto your gums and irritate them. Dr. Sullivan will choose your whitening level based on your desired results and sensitivity preferences.


Want a radiant smile? Professional whitening formulas pack a punch that over-the-counter alternatives can’t match.


Professional whitening is a cost-effective way to enhance the beauty of your smile. Many patients find themselves smiling more with their beautiful new teeth.

Professional teeth whitening options.

At Artistry in Dentistry, we’ll keep you very comfortable and happy while you’re waiting for one of our professional teeth whitening methods to whiten your teeth.

In-Office Whitening

Your first teeth whitening option at Artistry in Dentistry is an in-office treatment. We will bring you in and get you comfortable, answering all of your questions about the procedure. We offer two types of in-office professional whitening:
  • ZOOM!® Teeth Whitening: Dr. Sullivan will apply the professional Zoom whitening gel to the surface of your teeth while protecting the gums and soft tissues. We’ll then activate the whitening agent with an LED light. Within 90 minutes, you will leave our office with a smile that is noticeably whiter!
  • Opalescence™ Boost™: This professional teeth whitening will leave your teeth whiter and brighter in only one step—no LED or heat activation required. Dr. Sullivan will apply this chemically activated whitening agent to your teeth, and you’ll have noticeable results in about an hour!

At-Home Whitening

If you prefer to whiten your teeth on your own schedule, we can also provide custom-made trays and professional whitening gel that you can use at home.

  • Opalescence: With our Opalescence at-home teeth whitening, you will place the gel into the trays and fit them over your teeth. Unlike typical store-bought methods, our formula contains ingredients that will ensure maximum comfort. You will see complete results within about 10–14 days. It even comes in different flavors!

Whitening for life program.

Here at Artistry in Dentistry, we want you to have your best smile for as long as possible. To help you achieve this, we invite you to join our Whitening for Life Program.

After enrolling for a one-time fee of $100, you’ll receive custom bleaching trays as part of your new bleaching kit. Then as a member of our program, you will continue to receive a free refill of the whitening solution at each of your bi-annual hygiene visits. You will also receive $200 off of our ZOOM! in-office whitening treatment. Call us today for more details!

Whiten your smile with professional teeth whitening in Gilbert, AZ!

Enhance your teeth and start smiling more with help from Artistry in Dentistry. To have your questions answered or to schedule an appointment simply contact us via call, text, or email using the form below. We hope to hear from you soon!