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Laser dentistry in Gilbert, AZ.

Our patients get excited about laser dentistry because it allows us to avoid metal tools and stitches for certain services. It can even help you go home earlier and recover from some appointments more quickly than you expect!

Children especially appreciate dental lasers during certain procedures, because lasers can be used painlessly.

Call Dr. Sullivan if you need dental services on your gums, an oral sore, a filling, a tongue tie, or many other services. Laser dentistry can help with many routine treatments and specialized procedures.

Benefits of laser dentistry.

With our laser tools, Dr. Sullivan can use a focused beam of light just like a scalpel or another physical tool. In certain therapies, the laser lets us:

  • Use fewer stitches afterwards
  • Prevent infections better than ever
  • Keep more of your natural tooth safe and intact
  • Promote the healing of oral tissues
  • Prevent pain more easily

A laser beam is always sterile, of course, because it’s simply a beam of focused light. Because it never physically touches your teeth or tissues, it cannot be a carrier of infection.

"Dr. Sullivan and his staff are warm and friendly and make you feel comfortable even though it is a trip to the dentist! The office is beautiful and has the latest technology which helps me relax knowing that I’m in good hands."
– Cheryl

Laser dentistry uses.

Dr. Sullivan can complete certain procedures more quickly with a laser, along with making them more comfortable for you or your children. Examples include:

Gum Disease Therapy

A laser can quickly control and eliminate bacteria on the gums to treat periodontal disease. Plus, the laser stimulates the gums to grow healthy new tissue. When working on gums, lasers are more comfortable than metal tools.

Gum Contouring

If your gum line has receded, Dr. Sullivan can reshape it with a laser, stimulating the gums to grow so that they can better protect your teeth. We’ll follow up with you to be sure that the gums are growing right.


A frenum is a small bridge of tissue that can tie the tongue to the floor of the mouth or tie a lip to the gums. With a laser, your dentist can quickly and painlessly free the tissue, fixing the tongue tie. While this is often performed for young children, it can improve your health and quality of life as an adult as well.

Cure a Dental Filling

Once the material for dental filling is placed into the tooth surface, we can use a dental laser to make it harden much more quickly.

Remove Damaged Tooth Portion

A dental laser can very precisely remove dental material to reshape a damaged tooth.

Remove Canker Sores and Cold Sores

If a lesion is beginning to form that would turn into a sore, we can use a dental laser to stop it from breaking out.

Speed Up Teeth Whitening

During a teeth whitening session, we can use the power of light to cause the whitening gel to work even faster.

Contact Dr. Sullivan for laser dentistry.

If we can use a dental laser to make a procedure more comfortable for you, we’ll let you know and move forward when you’re ready. Remember, dental lasers are very safe. If you need dental cleaning, cavity repair, gum therapy, or any other dental services in the Gilbert area, please call the Artistry in Dentistry office now.