Beating Horrible Halitosis

August 20, 2021
a girl hiding her teeth with hairs

“My neighbor’s bad breath is scaring me.”

I’m Doctor Sullivan with Artistry in Dentistry. I’d like to take a few minutes to share with you some facts about bad breath.

Brushing just the teeth may not remove fragments of food between the teeth and up in the gums. Bacteria can grow and stink from hidden floss-only locations. Gently brushing the gums, sides of the mouth, and the tongue in addition to the teeth may make the difference.

Also, the food you are eating can affect the odor in your mouth. Onions, garlic, and coffee are likely to show up on the breath regardless of consistent brushing.

Illness, infection, and allergies can all cause a lack of saliva which in turn upset the control of bacteria in the mouth. Diabetes, kidney failure, radiation therapy, liver malfunction, dry mouth, or even a head cold can cause an odor. The oral flora is ever-changing.

Finally, dentures or a removable appliance may also carry bacteria that needs to be cleaned and freshened up on a regular basis.

  • Brush and floss the teeth as well as brush the tongue, gums, and sides of the mouth.
  • Enjoy onions and garlic a little less.
  • Stay on top of health issues.
  • Keep dentures clean.

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