Give Your Smile More Fluoride with These Sources

June 11, 2021

Your smile has valuable minerals that can be removed from the teeth when exposed to acidic food and bacteria. These valuable minerals, including fluoride, are needed to keep your tooth enamel strong and healthy so that damaging substances such as dental acids, bacteria, and plaque can’t cause you to suffer tooth decay or tooth sensitivity.

Below are three easy ways to ensure your teeth are receiving enough fluoride to improve the health of your teeth:

1. Fluoridated water: If you live in a city that adds fluoride to its tap water, this is an easy way to expose your teeth to fluoride regularly.
2. Dental care products: Many dental hygiene products include fluoride, such as toothpaste and mouthwashes. If you are unsure which products are right for your smile, our dentist can recommend effective products at your next dental appointment.
3. Professional fluoride treatment: Our team can offer you a fluoride foam, varnish, or gel. This is typically done as part of your dental checkup following your dental exam and cleaning.

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