Let’s Talk About It

February 3, 2023
A man is smiling

If you have ever wondered how cosmetic dentistry could improve your smile, give us a call at Artistry in Dentistry in Gilbert AZ and let’s talk about it.

Maybe you have a tooth that’s been chipped since middle school, or a gap between your front teeth that’s been there since forever. Or maybe your smile has just grown dull and yellow over the years. Cosmetic dentistry can make all the difference!

The possibilities include:

Porcelain veneers. Thin shells of medical-grade porcelain are designed to fit over the front side of your teeth. They’ll hide chips, cracks, gaps, and other flaws. They’re custom-made to your teeth, look totally natural, and leave you with a great new smile.

Bonding. Bonding is another way to correct any flaws in your teeth. A special material is bonded to a tooth, and shaped to create a strong structure that looks fabulous.

Crowns. Dental crowns are fitted over teeth that are discolored or in need of restoring due to damage or decay. They are long-lasting and strong.

Whitening. Teeth whitening is an easy way to lighten the color of your teeth. We can bleach out years of stains and other discolorations and leave you with a dazzling smile.

At Artistry in Dentistry in Gilbert AZ, cosmetic dentistry can turn your smile into something amazing! People from Gilbert, Superior, Gold Canyon, Mesa, and Apache Junction also come to our practice for dental implants, and much more. Call to schedule an appointment with us today!