These Are Your Options for Dental Fillings

June 11, 2021

Are you curious about what your options for different types of dental fillings are? While you can receive a variety of dental filling choices, amalgam and composite materials continue to be the most popular and effective treatments in the dental field. Dr. Sheldon Sullivan is pleased to offer a list of the options dental fillings provide:

– If you are looking for dental filling that aesthetically complements your natural teeth, you may prefer composite fillings over their metallic counterparts, amalgams.

– When a dental filling becomes damaged by an injury or accident, it needs to be replaced to protect your smile. While dental amalgam needs to be completely removed in order to place the new filling, composite fillings can be both repaired or replaced without the need to remove the original filling first.

– Dr. Sheldon Sullivan may recommend treating a large or difficult cavity with dental amalgam. On the other hand, if a cavity is too small for amalgams to provide efficient care, we can offer composite treatments instead.

– Choosing composite fillings over amalgams ensures that your new dental filling is mercury free.

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