Think Dental Care Is Too Expensive? It’s All About Priorities

June 11, 2021

Many of our Mesa patients have dental insurance, some don’t, either way dental care may seem like it’s a major cost in our budget. That may be true for a few, but for the majority of Mesa patients who have an average income, dental care can be very affordable. It’s all about priorities and discretionary spending.

young family smiling

How many of us get our morning coffee or energy drink on the way to work every day? How often do you eat out? Do you pay extra for conveniences such as the car wash, pizza delivery or lawn care? Most of us are probably spending a lot for premium cable, a trip to the salon, a night out for dinner and a movie, sporting events and other forms of entertainment. If you add it up, you’d probably be shocked at how much these “extras” can cost each year.

What if you cut back on some of these items and put that money toward your dental health? Wouldn’t that be a better investment? If you’ve been putting off your dental hygiene visit or dental treatment consider what extras you may be able to give up to take care of something more important – your dental health.

At Dr. Sullivan’s we stress regular hygiene visits, prevention is key in avoiding more costly dental treatments. Dr. Sullivan provides comprehensive dental care including, cosmetic, implant, veneers and full mouth restorations.

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