Treatments for a Better Smile: Spotting Symptoms of Gum Disease

June 11, 2021

Rather than waiting for your gums to cause extensive tooth loss, it is important to always look and keep track of any forms of dental damage that could be occurring. If you notice that your gums are infected or that your teeth are extra loose and removable, you will need to visit our office for a comprehensive exam.

Did you know that there are several common oral health risks associated with gum disease? Gum disease often arises due to problems with your oral health care that need to be treated as soon as possible. If you fail to properly treat gum disease, it can cause further issues down the road for all aspects of your oral health care. In addition, gum disease can even cause healthy teeth to fall out. Thus, always look for signs and symptoms of gum disease as soon as possible and have it treated immediately to prevent further harm from befalling your smile.

Look for common signs and symptoms of gum disease such as extreme tooth sensitivity, inflammation, tooth recession, or loose or separating teeth.

To talk about your gum disease treatment options with Drs. Sheldon Sullivan, Shawn Monahan and the rest of our team, you can make an appointment at our office in Gilbert, Arizona. Artistry in Dentistry can be reached at 602-492-9003.