How Is Your Dentist-Patient Relationship?

June 11, 2021

Do you have unpleasant memories of your childhood dental visits or even recent dental visits? Over the years the dentist-patient relationship has come a long way, evolving into one of open communication and mutual respect. We want to share a list of a few things you should look for when you choose a dental office.

  • Communication: Before making any treatment recommendations, your dentist should take the time to discuss your dental history and understand your long-term goals and address any of your questions or concerns along the way.
  • Control: You are the one in control of your dental health. Your dentist will give you his/her recommendations of the best treatment for you, and should also encourage your input and feedback about the direction you want for your treatment.
  • Technology: You benefit when your dentist has training and is skilled in the latest dental techniques and utilizes the best high-tech equipment to provide you with the best care possible.
  • Prevention: Unlike “old-school” dentistry when your dentist probably just fixed what was broken, good long-term dental health is a result of preventive care. Regular hygiene visits and proper home care help your dentist work together with you to catch issues before they become painful problems.
  • Appearance: Through technology, prevention, and communication your dentist should blend function with aesthetics to help you achieve the beautiful, natural-looking, healthy smile that you deserve.

Your dentist should never lecture or scold you, but instead give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision regarding your dental health.