Could This Be Your Story?

June 11, 2021
before and after teeth

For most of his life, Bernie G. loved to be among people, enjoying the energy of a crowd. But when life turned on a dime and his dental health faltered, losing one tooth after another, he no longer sought out the people who gave him so much joy. Instead, he kept to himself, fearing his own smile.

That changed the day he met the man who promised a fresh start. And Bernie, a man who always took time with such important decisions, knew almost immediately this was someone he could trust.

Thanks to Dr. Sheldon Sullivan and a cutting-edge dental procedure, Bernie is his old self again. In fact he’s even better, as Bernie credits Dr. Sullivan’s help for improving his smile as well as his overall health.

Bernie now sports a healthy, confident smile thanks to a relatively pain-free procedure that Dr. Sullivan not only practices, but teaches. “As soon as I found out Dr. Sullivan teaches other dentists how to do implants, I knew he was the man I was looking for,” Bernie said. “He definitely knew his stuff.”

Years ago, Bernie retired to take full-time care of his ailing wife. As time passed and Bernie’s devotion increased, his health deteriorated. He was diagnosed with diabetes, and his teeth also began to decay and fall out.

His granddaughter, who’d recently graduated as a dental hygienist, told Bernie about a revolutionary method in which life-like teeth are affixed permanently with titanium screws. Bernie, who’d for years resisted dentures because of the problems that came with them, was intrigued. She introduced her grandfather to Dr. Sullivan, who described the procedure.

Using X-rays and 3D scans, Dr. Sullivan would design the perfect set of teeth that are non-removable. The new sets would be so detailed and lifelike, no one could tell they were made of a nearly indestructible material known to mimic the look of a tooth’s natural enamel.

Working hand in hand with his team, Dr. Sullivan is able to provide a smile transformation in just one day with minimal discomfort or none at all.

Bernie felt good as he sat down in the chair on the day of the procedure, knowing he’d wake up hours later with a different, much-improved look. But even he was surprised by how smooth everything went pre- and post-op. “They gave me pain pills afterward and I didn’t need one,” Bernie said. “Not even baby aspirin. I couldn’t have been happier. They did everything they said and more.”

His new look now gives Bernie the confidence to leave his house. One benefit he didn’t expect, Bernie said he has since saved as much as $3,000 a year on prescribed medications.

“Bad teeth can lead to so many other health problems,” Bernie said. “Since Dr. Sullivan helped me out, I haven’t needed to take all those pills anymore. I’m in my 80s and haven’t felt this good in years.”

Dr. Sullivan said Bernie’s story is one he hears often. “It’s a transformation,” Dr. Sullivan said. “Lives are forever changed in such a positive way. It’s a gift, one I feel so fortunate to be able to give.”

Though Dr. Sullivan has taught the procedure to hundreds of dentists around the country as well as internationally, he still takes joy in being able to offer the plan to Valley patients.

“People come to me so dentally exhausted,” he said. “It’s gratifying to make such a difference in their lives.”

And Bernie? Not only does he embrace the company of others, he also takes advantage of every mirror he sees, shooting himself a dazzling smile.

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